Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What has happened to the Country Club Plaza?

When I was living on Brookside, my favorite places to go were the Brooksider, ReVerse and the Granfalloon. Now that I live in Olathe, we don't get down to the Plaza that often but about a month ago we decided to venture down to see what we have been missing. Apparently nothing! The Brooksider has not changed (and we like that) but ReVerse? We were there around 11 PM on a Saturday night and it was empty. I have heard the the P&L District is sucking the business away. I had a problem with ReVerse anyway. You would think that as a good customer, one who continually stops in and tips pretty well, that the manager would be more courteous but not JD. Not only do the employees there talk bad about the guy but one night I tried to get his attention to discuss something and he completely blew me off. When I took my parents there for dinner, and the food was awful, we got the excuse that it was a new chef but no one made any attempt to resolve it. No manager stopped by to see what was wrong and I knew the server felt not only bad but left out there to fend for herself. JD appears to be the type of manager who doesn't actually appreciate his customers but rather want to turn-and-burn the crowd over. Get the old ones out, who are just hanging around and drinking, and move new ones in hoping that the big cash spender will magically walk in. JD...if I managed the nightclub that I once did the way you manage ReVerse I would have put the club out of business.

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